Progress Report III (May 2016)

The MPF Progress report provides information semi-annually on the fund’s performance and results. The content of the report will continue to evolve with the portfolio. This 6-month update report is structured around four sections.

  • MPF Basics: Chapter 1 introduces the MPF from an operational perspective, providing updated information on its alignment with national priorities, portfolio preparation, use of country systems, and the revised monitoring framework.
  • Portfolio Progress: Chapter 2 presents highlights from the fund’s achievements, as well as challenges faced.
  • Financial Update: Chapter 3 provides a transparent financial overview for the fund, along with a breakdown of disbursements and donor contributions.
  • Monitoring Framework: Using the revised monitoring framework, Chapter 4 showcases country-level outcomes, portfolio results and the fund’s performance indicators.
  • Project Updates: Chapter 5 provides narrative updates for the projects in the MPF portfolio.